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About Iran

Forget about what you have heard about Iran on media. Spend some time and seek the opinion of people who have actually visited Iran.
During the past few years, the global news about Iran was strongly affected by the political issues between Iran and West, causing a dark and negative attitude towards our country. Instead of historic background, rich culture, climate diversity, hospitable and kind people, and unique architectural monuments, all you hear about Iran in media is war, terrorism, nuclear power and sanctions.
Many tourists who are interested in visiting Iran have some concerns regarding security. Based on the picture of Iran that media have depicted in your minds, you should be worried. However, we guarantee that this image is not real and our Iran is one of the safest countries in the world.
Iran is totally free from the crisis that has hit the Middle East and North Africa from Turkey to Egypt. In Iran you will see No war, No killing, No bombs, No kidnapping and No rebellion.
Iranians are very hospitable towards foreign nationalities, especially now that both people and the government believe that developing tourism industry will not only help improving the economy of the county, but will also change the global attitude towards Iran.
We are sure that after visiting our country, you will all agree with us.


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Apt.1 , No.1 , Froozanfar St ,
Gisha ,Tehran, Iran
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: Apt.1 , No.1 , Froozanfar St , Gisha ,Tehran, Iran






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