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About ski and active tours in Iran

Take your boots to hike in the jungle
Take your sandals to walk in the desert
And grab your skis to ski in the snow covered mountains…. All in one trip! Iran is that great land which makes your dream come true; to taste 4 seasons at once
For decades, the slopes and valleys of Alborz Mountains have been hosting skiers and snow boarders.
Particularly Tehran, has armed seven remarkable Ski resorts including Tochal Ski Resort, Dizin International Ski Resort, Shemshak International Ski Resort, Darbandsar Ski Resort, and AbAli Ski Resort.
Arian tour is honored to perform Ski tours from November through mid-May. We will meet your needs whether you are a professional skier looking for untouched powder snow or you just need a ski resort to hang out with family and friends. Off-Piste skiing is also possible on the slopes of Mount Damavand, the highest summit in Middle east rising above 5609.2 m . All you need is just giving us a call to receive more information


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