Our Team

“Arian Tour” has recruited a professional and experienced skiing and mountain climbing team for its active tours in these fields. This team is headed by “Ehsan”, a top class and very successful climber-skier. You can read more about him here:
Ehsan Partovi (born in 1979) is one of the prominent Iranian mountaineers and rock climbers who started his professional career in 1993.
Ehsan has nearly climbed all of the mountains and walls of Iran in different seasons that is why he is very familiar with different routes and regions of Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges.
In 2005 he succeeded in opening a new route on the Granite Wall of 4850-meter-Aalamkooh Mountain and established a new route which is still an unbeaten record. After numerous climbs of Mount Damavand in winter, he managed to ascend Nanga Parbat Peak in 2008, a journey that led him to the ski Touring and its attractions. Soon after that he started his career as a ski instructor in different ski resorts of Iran.
He was the first Iranian who attempted to ascend Annapurna peak in 2011. In winter 2013, he had the most challenging experience of his professional career: he led and supervised a team of seven men to climb AalamKooh Peak in winter, on a special route which was already climbed by a Polish climber in summer. The team won the 2009 Best Iranian Ascendant Award and this climb was recorded in Iranian Mountaineering history. Currently he is spending most of the winter and spring days skiing and ice climbing and searching for new untouched Ski Touring paths all over the Iran.
With more than 25 years of expertise in mountaineering and countless climbing events, today he is not only an expert coach in different fields, but also a rescuer who has performed many rescue operations.
Relax and enjoy happy and safe trips in the Alborz and Zagros under his supervision and experience.